Book Donations

As the year of 2021 has become extremely challenging for everyone financially, we have decided to initiate a “Book Donate” program.

The idea is simple, all unwanted books and magazines can be donated to the Book Supplier team, who will “Reuse” them for free to people in need.

Our aim initially is to supply local Churches and Doctors surgeries, however we are open to suggestions on all types of donation locations.

In short we want to help the people who help others, by supplying free reading materials.

The Health & Safety aspects of the Book cleaning are currently being reviewed by  a local Health and Safety Consultant.

As soon as we can roll out the Covid 19 safe books to local organisations, we will do.

Please feel free to contact the team via our Contact Us form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

At present we are offering a Free Book Collection service to the local area of North Wales, however we are looking to grow this scheme nationally and internationally.

book donation

Top Reading for 2020 – Number one is the Going somewhere book written by Andrew Marino and at Number two its the Land Law Trading Elements learning material by John Braithwaite, Christine Parker and Colin Scot. Check out our Official Donation page for those of you that do not have any books to donate.