Accounting and Finance for Managers: A Business Decision Making Approach

This textbook is the ideal guide for business and management students who need to understand accounting and finance information and develop analytical skills in order to make better-informed decisions.

Accounting and Finance for Managers rebukes the myth that in order to excel in accounting and finance you need to be great at mathematics. Split into two broad sections which focus on financial accounting and management accounting and finance, this textbook uses clear, accessible language that will appeal to students from a variety of academic backgrounds. Taking a uniquely practical approach that focuses on the financial aspects of business decisions, the textbook covers all the core topics of accounting and finance, including basic bookkeeping, financial analysis, business planning, cash-flow analysis and investment decisions.

Now in its third edition, Accounting and Finance for Managers contains updates on new accounting standards and regulations, as well as featuring up-to-date real-world examples of real options, value chain analysis and competitive advantage analysis. This textbook features 'traditional' accounting practices in detail, but also covers topics with a strategic focus to ensure students learn to think in broader strategic terms. Written for an international audience using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) terminology with supporting online resources including additional exercise questions, curated further reading and lecture slides for each chapter.

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