Accounting Ledger Book for Beginners: The Simple Accounting Ledger Book Help The Beginners and Small Business Record Accounting Ledger and Bookkeeping … Ledger Notebook for Bookkeeping Beginners)

Accounting ledger book for beginners: The simple accounting ledger book help the beginners and small business record accounting ledger and bookkeeping transactions more convenient A4 book size 120 blank accounting ledger for beginners.

The simple accounting ledger for bookkeeping and home small business income expense account recorder and generally transection it use to be a home small business income tracker and financial ledger record book.

- The first 2 pages of the book are business profile page, accounting ledger year planner page and more with 120 accounting ledger pages.

- A4 book size 8.5" x 11" which is a perfect book size for track and record data notes easier

- Suitable for any home small business and beginners it help you organized the general accounting ledger more effectively

- Stylish design, chic and elegance look and glossy book cover with friend price by Peggy Chill

Accounting Ledger Book for Beginners

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