How To Become A Train Conductor – The Insider’s Guide: The ULTIMATE insider’s guide for passing the Train Conductor selection process: 1

How To Become A Train Conductor - Train Conductors operate at the very heart of the service provided by Train Operating Companies. Train conductors are the first person the passenger will see and, more often than not, the first person from the TOC that the passenger will speak to. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that the Conductor is capable of providing an excellent level of customer service. Whilst there are many different facets to the role of a Conductor, customer service is right at the top of the list, alongside safety. How To Become A Train Conductor provide insider details on how to pass the selection process including how and where to apply, how to complete the application form, sample document selling exam, sample Document Checking exam, role play advice, Concentrations questions and how to pass the train conductor interview.

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