Understanding Accounting for Small Businesses: An Essential Guide to Business Finance, Accounts, and Financial Jargon

Business owners need good accountants and, in return, accountants deserve to have good business owners. By 'good' I mean informed people who are committed to their business, and are willing to learn. The only problem is that the terms used in the world of business accounting and finance often get in the way. This book is not written by an accountant, it has been written by a small business owner. It will help you to understand, interpret, and communicate with one of your most valued advisors: your accountant. Whatever business you operate, you will have to deal with accounts and business finance. This book is written for the small business owner who is good at what they do, but needs a little help understanding the figures and what they mean. It will also help you to recognise and implement several ways of increasing real profit in your business. Andrew Scowcroft has run his own training and consultancy business since 2001, specialising in leadership development and business management. This is his fourth management book; the first three covering managing people, influencing skills, and presenting with confidence. He has also published a travel book reflecting on the culture clashes he experiences during his regular business trips to India.

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