Untapped: Break through the fear & grow your revenue from existing clients

In 2021, when the economy was at its toughest, I took 100 sceptical firms and within 30 days, I helped them to grow their collective revenue by over £1million, from the clients they already had, for the work they were already doing.

I helped them to overcome their fear of increasing their client’s fees. I helped them to look at what they had through a different lens. And I laid out and easy-to-follow, proven strategy for having a very straightforward conversation with their clients, with all the techniques and objection-handling scripts they would ever need, to increase their fees with confidence.

I showed them that everything they were looking for, they already had right under their nose, they just had to be trained to see it and to realise its untapped potential. The breakthroughs were immediate, the results were staggering, and the effects have been lasting.

This book outlines that exact journey to help you to achieve those same instant and impactful results, by showing you...

  • How to unlock the full potential one of the greatest assets you have right now... your existing clients.
  • The depth of the problem you face and why it must be overcome… now!
  • Why it’s so hard to overcome this problem, especially for you.
  • The fundamental shifts you have to make in your thinking and your life to succeed.
  • What it takes to make an immediate and lasting breakthrough.
  • How to prepare your thinking for massive success that will deliver profound results across all areas of your business and life.
  • The winning formula for how to increase fees with every client regardless of how difficult you may perceive that to be.
  • How to be courageous and overcome every obstacle you will face along the way.

You don’t have to change the economy, your clients, your location, your qualifications, or your competition to achieve exponential growth… you simply have to change how you see, what you already have.

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