Why Take Financial Advice?: How an Adviser Can Help You Understand, Grow, Enjoy and Pass on Your Wealth

Understanding financial advice and planning from the outside is difficult. Who should you seek advice from? What kind of advice do you need? What about estate planning, inheritance tax mitigation, investing, pensions and even covering the expense of later life care? This book will help you find the answers to all these questions, as well as many more that you may not have thought to ask.

Howard distils his experience from over 38 years working in the financial services industry to help you not only better understand the kind of financial advice available, but also the benefit of seeking this advice from experienced professionals. As you read these chapters you’ll learn about:

  • Why advice, service and performance should be at the heart of every financial planner’s offering
  • Howard’s seven golden rules for investing
  • What elements should be part of estate planning, from inheritance tax and pensions to later life care and writing a will, and the importance of intergenerational advice
  • How a chartered financial planner can help you create a holistic financial plan
  • What professionals to include in your financial support network (and where to find them)

Why Take Financial Advice? covers much more than financial planning. It explores all the elements you need in place to support your financial plan and ensure you live a happy, fulfilled and financially independent life. Howard also shares real-life client scenarios to help you understand the practical applications of the theory and see more clearly the value a chartered financial planner can bring to your life.

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