Xero: A Comprehensive Guide for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Learn how to maximize value and increase efficiency in Xero with basics and best practices 

Xero: A Comprehensive Guide for Accountants and Bookkeepers is a how-to guide for Xero’s US-based advisors. Xero is rapidly gaining traction as an accounting and bookkeeping software, as competitors’ strategic changes have left professional advisors looking for an alternative. The rapid adoption of cloud technology by businesses has left many accountants and bookkeepers in need of a guide to quickly gain the Xero skillset. This book covers all features available in the Established subscription plan in Xero. You’ll walk through the technical details of how to take advantage of everything Xero has to offer.

In addition to introducing you to the basics of using Xero, this book provides best practices that will help you streamline bookkeeping workflows and leverage this cloud-based accounting platform. Author Amanda Aguillard also connects the dots between accounting theory and the Xero interface and features, so you will understand exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing. In today’s cloud computing world, we need all our tech tools to play nicely together, and this book delivers on that goal, showing you how to integrate Xero to your other software for seamless operation.

  • Master Xero’s interface and features—specific for the US version of the software 
  • Learn how to integrate Xero with other cloud-based software 
  • Discover best practices that can help you maximize the value you get from using Xero 
  • Access the companion website, full of templates for reports, invoices, bills with payments, and more 

Xero: A Comprehensive Guide for Accountants and Bookkeepers , along with its companion website, is your one-stop resource for becoming fluent in the features and functionalities of this  global accounting software platform.

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