Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education

An authoritative overview of the current state of the field of adult and continuing education


Drawing on the contributions of 75 leading authors in the field, this 2010 Edition of the respected Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education provides adult education scholars, program administrators, and teachers with a solid foundation for understanding the current guiding beliefs, practices, and tensions faced in the field, as well as a basis for developing and refining their own approaches to their work and scholarship.


Offering expanded discussions in the areas of social justice, technology, and the global dimensions of adult and continuing education, the Handbook continues the tradition of previous volumes with discussions of contemporary theories, current forms and contexts of practice, and core processes and functions. Insightful chapters examine adult and continuing education as it relates to gender and sexuality, race, our aging society, class and place, and disability.

Key Features


  • Expanded coverage of social justice, the impact of technology, and the global dimensions of adult and continuing education provides a useful update on theories and practices in the field as they have evolved during the last decade.
  • An invaluable introductory overview and synthesis of key aspects of the field of practice and scholarship acquaints new readers to the field
  • The centrality of social justice in adult and continuing education is addressed in a new section.
  • The broader global context of contemporary adult and continuing education is covered in a final section.

Intended Audience

In addition to being a valuable resource for practitioners, Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education 2010 Editioncan be used as a text for master′s level courses as well as doctoral level courses in adult and continuing education.

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