Leading with a Lens of Inquiry: Cultivating Conditions for Curiosity and Empowering Agency

When teachers learn through inquiry, they teach through inquiry.

Typical models of training and professional development focus on telling. It’s a model that far too often trickles down to classrooms where the traditional way of "doing school" limits the way educators teach and students learn.
Fortunately, there is a better way to learn: through wonder, agency, and inquiry. FromLeading with a Lens of Inquiry administrators, educational instructors, and peer leaders learn how to cultivate learning spaces that ignite curiosity and inspire critical thinking in adult and student learners alike.

Educational Coordinator and Instructional Coach Jessica Vance shares her hands-on experience as an inquiry leader in this powerful and thought-provoking book. Outlining the six dispositions of an inquiry educator and then modeling the inquiry mindset, she provides leaders with practical and effective ways to bring learner voice, reflection, and better learning experiences to professional development—and to the classroom.

Lead with a lens of inquiry to spark curiosity in every learner.

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