Doing Economics: What You Should Have Learned in Grad School―But Didn’t

A guide for research economists: how to write papers, give talks, navigate the peer-review process, advise students, and more. <p/>Newly minted research economists are equipped with a PhD's worth of technical and scientific expertise but often lack some of the practical tools necessary for "doing economics." With this book, economics professor Marc Bellemare breaks down the components of doing research economics and examines each in turn: communicating your research findings in a paper; presenting your findings to other researchers by giving a talk; submitting your paper to a peer-reviewed journal; funding your research program through grants (necessary more often than not for all social scientists); knowing what kind of professional service opportunities to pursue; and advising PhD, master's, and undergraduate students. <p/>With increasing data availability and decreasing computational costs, economics has taken an empirical turn in recent decades. Academic economics is no longer the domain only of the theoretical; many young economists choose applied fields when the time comes to specialize. Yet there is no manual for surviving and thriving as a professional research economist. Doing Economics fills that gap, offering an essential guide for research economists at any stage of their careers.

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