Economics: A complete introduction (Teach Yourself)

Economics does not have to be intimidating. This book, complete with case studies and key facts, forms a course which will take you from beginner or intermediate level to being a competent economist. This book includes: simple step-by-step explanations, to help you grasp new topics or those that have previously confused you; highlighted key ideas, to help your understanding; 'Dig Deeper' ideas to help you go further; and end of chapter fact-checks to help you embed your learning and improve your confidence - all in one great value book so you don't need any separate workbooks or coursebooks.

Chapters include: How markets work; how consumers behave; how firms behave; how markets distribute incomes; why markets fail; government intervention in markets; measuring the economy's size; money's role in the economy; macroeconomic objectives; achieving full employment and stable prices; achieving sustainable economic growth; the economy and the rest of the world; globalization and regional trading blocs.

The Complete Introduction series from Teach Yourself is the ultimate one-stop guide for anyone wanting a comprehensive and accessible entry point into subjects as diverse as philosophy, mathematics, physics, Shakespeare and practical electronics. Loved by students and perfect for general readers who simply want to learn more about the world around them, these books are your first choice for discovering something new.

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