Economics for Business 3e P

Andrew Gillespie's Economics for Business is the perfect introduction to all of the key economic concepts business students need to know.

Crystal clear explanation and a dynamic writing style are complemented by unrivalled learning support to motivate students to get to grips with the fundamentals of economics, and to highlight the business relevance of what they're learning.

Opening case studies discuss real challenges faced by well-known businesses including Amazon, Facebook, and Five Guys; and invite students to reflect on how these specific issues apply elsewhere. Frequent business insights throughout each chapter reinforce the business relevance of economic theories, bringing them to life every step of the way.

Particular support is provided for mathematical concepts: assuming no prior knowledge, the book walks students through the maths to develop their confidence in tackling quantitative material, before asking them to apply what they've just learned to real business data.

Other features are designed to produce highly employable business graduates. The 'you, the manager' feature prompts critical thinking by putting the reader in the shoes of a decision maker, while research tasks in each chapter cultivate essential report writing and information assimilating skills.

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