Entrepreneurship and Small Business

This new edition of the market-leading textbook by Paul Burns offers an unrivalled holistic introduction to the field of entrepreneurship and valuable guidance for budding entrepreneurs looking to launch their own small business.
Drawing on his decades of academic and entrepreneurial experience, the author takes you on a journey through the business life-cycle, from the early stages of start-up, through progressive growth, to the confident strides of a mature business. Combining cutting-edge theory with fresh global examples and lessons from real-life business practice, this accessible and explorative textbook will encourage you to develop the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the challenges faced by today's entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business will help you to:

- Learn what makes entrepreneurs tick with brand new Get into the Mindset video interviews and an exploration of entrepreneuial character traits
- Seamlessly incorporate multimedia content into your learning with the new Digital Links platform accessed via your smart device
- Understand how worldwide events can impact small businesses through incisive analysis of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
- Grasp how entrepreneurship differs around the globe, with over 100 Case Insights and new examples from a diverse range of countries and industries
- Ensure your understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape is up-to-date, with new chapters on recruiting and managing people, and on lean methodologies and business model frameworks.

This is the ideal textbook for students taking undergraduate and postgraduate Entrepreneurship or Small Business Management courses, as well as for MBA students.

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