Food Hygiene Record Book: Collection of Essential Business Logs | Checklist | Cleaning Schedule | Temperature Log | Food Waste Log | Damaged Equipment | Kitchen Inventory

This book contains a set of food hygiene guidelines that will perfectly
and organize the running of your business.
It will increase your control over employees, products and improve the way you work.
Here are the essential elements that make up this excellent collection:

1.Freezer temperature log
By constantly monitoring the temperature you can make sure that food is kept at the right
This is very important because inadequate temperature control can even lead to
This is very important because inadequate control can even lead to the growth of bacteria and the risk of food poisoning. Facilitates inspections by the Food and Safety team where this documentation is required.

2. Food waste diary
Food waste management is a very important issue, a thorough audit will allow you to keep a closer eye on the work
It will also help you save money.
Your employees will be more productive, and most importantly you will reduce unnecessary expenses.

3.Kitchen Cleanliness Control Log
Cleanliness is a key part of running a business and ensures customer satisfaction.
Included here are all the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks that need to be done
tasks to be performed.
You will have greater control and confidence in the performance of appropriate activities by your employees.
This logbook will make your work easier and help you to maintain discipline.

4.Equipment Damage Log
This log will give you important information about your business, improve its operation and prevent many unnecessary situations.
You will always know the current status of your equipment. And your employees will become more attentive at work.
It will facilitate all kinds of inspections, show the actual wear of equipment and significantly improve safety in your business

In the log you will find:

  • Temperature log 33
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning 39
  • Food Waste Log 34
  • Damaged Equipment 19

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