Maths for Economics

Many years of teaching led Geoff Renshaw to develop Maths for Economics as a resource which builds your self-confidence in maths by using a gradual learning gradient and constantly reinforcing learning with examples and exercises. Some students embarking on this module feel that they have lost their confidence in maths, or perhaps never had any in the first place. The author has designed the book so that whether you have a maths A level, GCSE, or perhaps feel that you need to go back over the very basics, knowledge is built up in small steps, not big jumps. Once you are confident that you have firmly grasped the foundations, this book will help you to make the progression beyond the mechanical exercises and into the development of a maths tool-kit for the analysis of economic and business problems. This is a skill which will prove valuable for your degree and for your future employers.

The online resource centre contains the following resources:

For Students:
Ask the author forum
Excel tutorial
Maple tutorial
Further exercises
Answers to further questions
Expanded solutions to progress exercises

For Lecturers (password protected):
Test exercises
Graphs from the book
Answers to test exercises
Instructor manual

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