Adult & Continuing Education

The Sociology of Adult & Continuing Education: 79 (Routledge Library Editions: Education)

This book provides a comprehensive sociological overview of adult and continuing education. It draws on all branches of sociology rather than advocating one approach. It examines the theories of all the significant sociological writers in the field such as Knowles, Marx, Freire and Gramsci and sets them in the broader intellectual context. It also considers the content of the curriculum in adult education and the place of adult education in society at large. The author indicates the strengths and weaknesses of the different sociological perspectives and demonstrates how they can be used to analyse the function and purpose of adult and continuing education.

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Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education

An authoritative overview of the current state of the field of adult and continuing education


Drawing on the contributions of 75 leading authors in the field, this 2010 Edition of the respected Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education provides adult education scholars, program administrators, and teachers with a solid foundation for understanding the current guiding beliefs, practices, and tensions faced in the field, as well as a basis for developing and refining their own approaches to their work and scholarship.


Offering expanded discussions in the areas of social justice, technology, and the global dimensions of adult and continuing education, the Handbook continues the tradition of previous volumes with discussions of contemporary theories, current forms and contexts of practice, and core processes and functions. Insightful chapters examine adult and continuing education as it relates to gender and sexuality, race, our aging society, class and place, and disability.

Key Features


  • Expanded coverage of social justice, the impact of technology, and the global dimensions of adult and continuing education provides a useful update on theories and practices in the field as they have evolved during the last decade.
  • An invaluable introductory overview and synthesis of key aspects of the field of practice and scholarship acquaints new readers to the field
  • The centrality of social justice in adult and continuing education is addressed in a new section.
  • The broader global context of contemporary adult and continuing education is covered in a final section.

Intended Audience

In addition to being a valuable resource for practitioners, Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education 2010 Editioncan be used as a text for master′s level courses as well as doctoral level courses in adult and continuing education.

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Adult & Continuing Education: Black Hardcover, White Paper Size 6 x 9 inshes, 120 pages.

Adult & Continuing Education Black Hardcover For Writing About Education, Taking Notes or Send it As a Gift for Loved Ones. etc…


 – Cover: Matte finish.

 – Paper: White.

 – Size: 6 x 9 inshes.

 – Pages: 120 pages.

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Teaching for Critical Thinking: Tools and Techniques to Help Students Question Their Assumptions

praise for previous books by stephen d. brookfield

“Award-winning author Stephen Brookfield offers insight, inspiration, and down-to-earth advice to all teachers in settings as diverse as college, adult education, and secondary schools—on how to thrive on the unpredictability of classroom life.”—Better Teaching

“The author [relates] some of his own personal experiences as an educator in encouraging critical thinking. His insight and honesty in relating these experiences is valuable and interesting.”—CBE Report

“Brookfield’s book will serve as an effective focus that can facilitate faculty in thinking critically about their work, their community, their relationships, not only individually but collaboratively.”—Teaching Sociology

“He offers clear, jargon-free, and unpretentious guidance.” —Reference & Research Book News

“The author is so darned good at finding and highlighting the key research.” —Training

“Brookfield illustrates practically his major scholarly interest in this readable, innovative, and perceptive book on college teaching.”—Choice

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The Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education 2020 Edition

Colleges and universities are increasingly becoming significant sites for adult education scholarship―in large part due to demographic shifts. With fewer U.S. high school graduates on the horizon, higher education institutions will need to attract “non-traditional” (i.e., older) adult learners to remain viable, both financially and politically. There is a need to develop a better corpus of scholarship on topics as diverse as, what learning theories are useful for understanding adult learning? How are higher education institutions changing in response to the surge of adult students? What academic programs are providing better learning and employment outcomes for adults in college? Adult education scholars can offer much to the policy debates taking place in higher education.

A main premise of this handbook is that adult and continuing education should not simply respond to rapidly changing social, economic, technological, and political environments across the globe, but should lead the way in preparing adults to become informed, globally-connected, critical citizens who are knowledgeable, skilled, and open and adaptive to change and uncertainty.

The Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education provides rich information on the contemporary issues and trends that are of concern to adult and continuing education, of the programs and resources available to adult learners, and of opportunities to challenge and critique the structures embedded in the field that perpetuate inequity and social injustice. Adult education is a discipline that foresees a better tomorrow, and The Handbook is designed to engage and inspire readers to assist the field to seek new paths in uncertain and complex times, ask questions, and to help the field flourish.

The Handbook is divided into five sections. The first, Foundations situates the field by describing the developments, core debates, perspectives, and key principles that form the basis of the field.

The second, Understanding Adult Learning, includes chapters on adult learning, adult development, motivation, access, participation, and support of adult learners, and mentoring.

Teaching Practices and Administrative Leadership, the third section, offers chapters on organization and administration, program planning, assessment and evaluation, teaching perspectives, andragogy and pedagogy, public pedagogy, and digital technologies for teaching and learning.

The fourth section is Formal and Informal Learning Contexts. Chapters cover adult basic, GED, and literacy education, English-as-a-Second Language Programs, family literacy, prison education, workforce development, military education, international development education, health professions education, continuing professional education, higher education, human resource development and workplace learning, union and labor education, religious and spiritual education, cultural institutions, environmental education, social and political movements, and peace and conflict education.

The concluding Contemporary Issues section discusses decolonizing adult and continuing education, adult education and welfare, teaching social activism, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and straight allies, gender and its multiple forms, disability, older adults and intergenerational identities, race and ethnicity, working class, whiteness and privilege, and migrants and migrant education.

The editors culminate with consideration of next steps for adult and continuing education and priorities for the future.

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Containing over 5000 essential references to people, organisations, words and concepts in the field of adult education, this thorough and comprehensive volume represents the standard reference for anyone seeking information on the education of adults.

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Adult Education and Lifelong Learning: Theory and Practice

Now in its fourth edition, Adult Education and Lifelong Learning is well established, and is regarded as the most widely used text about adult education. Fully revised and updated with substantial additional material, this new edition takes account of many changes which have occurred in the field of adult education. With new features for students and researchers, updates incorporate:

  • material on the ethical and political implications of lifelong learning
  • detailed information on changes relating to globalisation
  • increased emphasis on societal changes
  • information on the way technologies are affecting the way people learn
  • changing approaches to knowledge, knowledge acquisition and knowledge assessment.

Students of education and education studies will find this an invaluable course companion, whilst practitioners and researchers in adult and lifelong learning will find this new fully-up-to-date edition even broader in scope than the last.

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How to Teach Adults: Plan Your Class, Teach Your Students, Change the World, Expanded Edition (Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education (Paperback))

Your hands-on guide to teaching adults. . . no matter what the subject

In this expanded edition of How to Teach Adults, Dan Spalding offers practical teaching and classroom management suggestions that are designed for anyone who works with adult learners, particularly new faculty, adjuncts, those in community colleges, ESL teachers, and graduate students. This reader-friendly resource covers all phases of the teaching process from planning what to teach, to managing a classroom, to growing as a professional in the field.

How to Teach Adults can guide new instructors who are trying to get up to speed on their own or can help teacher trainers cover what their students need to know before they get in front of a class. It is filled with down-to-earth tips and checklists on such topics as connecting with adult students, facilitating discussions, and writing tests, plus everything you need to remember to put into your syllabus and how to choose the right textbook. Dan Spalding reveals what it takes to teach all students the skills they need to learn, no matter what the topic or subject matter.

Full of vivid examples from real-world classrooms, this edition:

  • Shows how to get started and tips for designing your course
  • Includes information for creating a solid lesson plan
  • Gives suggestions for developing your teacher persona

How to Teach Adults offers the framework, ideas, and tools needed to conduct your class or workshop with confidence.

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Doing Critical and Creative Research in Adult Education: Case Studies in Methodology and Theory: 9 (Research on the Education and Learning of Adults)

Doing Critical and Creative Research in Adult Education brings together leading and emerging scholars in adult education in order to capture the vitality and complexity of contemporary adult education research, marked by the desire to conduct critical and creative research with rather than about people.

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Adult Education and Socialist Pedagogy (Routledge Library Editions: Adult Education)

Originally published in 1986, this book was written at a time of increasing pressure on traditional areas of secondary and higher education and changing employment patterns – a situation which still exists today. Then, as now, there is increased awareness that the continuing education of adults has a vital role to play in our society. This volume develops a socialist pedagogy within adult education, using a Marxist theoretical framework. It proposes socialism as the radical form of change necessary to remove obstacles to greater social justice and educational equality and studies the implications of this political position for adult education.

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The Adult Learner: The Definitive Classic in Adult Education and Human Resource Development

How do you tailor education to the learning needs of adults? Do they learn differently from children? How does their life experience inform their learning processes? These were the questions at the heart of Malcolm Knowles’ pioneering theory of andragogy which transformed education theory in the 1970s. The resulting principles of a self-directed, experiential, problem-centred approach to learning have been hugely influential and are still the basis of the learning practices we use today.




Understanding these principles is the cornerstone of increasing motivation and enabling adult learners to achieve. The 9th edition of The Adult Learner has been revised to include:






  • Updates to the book to reflect the very latest advancements in the field.




  • The addition of two new chapters on diversity and inclusion in adult learning, and andragogy and the online adult learner.




  • An updated supporting website. This website for the 9th edition of The Adult Learner will provide basic instructor aids including a PowerPoint presentation for each chapter.


  • Revisions throughout to make it more readable and relevant to your practices.


If you are a researcher, practitioner, or student in education, an adult learning practitioner, training manager, or involved in human resource development, this is the definitive book in adult learning you should not be without.

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Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education

The definitive textbook for reflective professionals in further, adult and vocational education. Now updated with the latest research, the book offers extensive support for trainee and practising teachers in a variety of settings, for both practice-based training and career-long professionalism. Written by a collaborative author team of sector experts led by Maggie Gregson and Sam Duncan, Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education offers two levels of support: – practical guidance for practitioner success, with a focus on the key issues including planning and assessing learning and collaborative approaches to reflective practice – evidence-informed ‘principles’ to aid understanding of how theories can effectively inform and develop teaching practices In addition to new case studies from a wider range of settings than ever before, the new edition offers broader national and international coverage, greater emphasis on work-based learning, and more ideas for exploring classroom communication and meeting a wider range of learner needs. Readings for Reflective Teaching in Further, Adult and Vocational Education directly compliments this book, providing access to key texts, working as a compact and portable library. provides a treasure trove of additional support, including supplementary sector-specific material for considering questions around society’s educational aims.

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Managing Behaviour in Further and Adult Education (Achieving QTLS Series)

This practical guide to managing behaviour in Further and Adult Education is for all those training to teach in the sector. The third edition includes new chapters on 14-19 learners and behaviour theory and continues to offer practical ideas on how to manage and motivate students. It takes account of the variety of contexts in the sector and makes reference to important research findings and studies of learner behaviour. Based firmly on what teachers and students have to say about their experiences, it uses case studies, dialogue and journal extracts to explore key issues, and help teachers develop their practice.

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Leading Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: The key guide to designing and delivering courses (Key Guides for Effective Teaching in Higher Education)

Leading Learning and Teaching in Higher Education brings together contemporary ideas on leadership, engagement and student learning into a practical solutions-based resource designed for those undertaking the challenge of leading a university-level teaching module, programme or suite of programmes, particularly through periods of transformation or change. It encourages both first time academic leaders and those who have held teaching leadership roles for some time to review and formalise their development in a systematic, simple way and acts as a framework for navigating the opportunities and challenges involved in inspiring shared purpose, strong commitment and innovation in higher education teaching.

With a clear focus on the energy of leadership rather than the practice of management, and with a strong emphasis on collaborative engagement running throughout, this books offers:


  • Insightful guidance which is not bound to subject-specific requirements, making it relevant across the spectrum of course offerings at any one institution.


  • An enabling, people-focussed foundation for leadership.


  • Tools and frameworks which can be readily applied or adapted for the reader.


  • A focus on core elements of teaching leadership, such as design, delivery, assessment and building a programme team.


  • A flexible and pragmatic approach to leadership which avoids a definitive approach, instead encouraging a dynamic method of engaging leadership.


  • Values that assert that leadership and learning go hand-in-hand.


  • A wide-ranging discussion of leadership theories, ideas and values related to the university context.

This book puts forward a multifaceted model of programme leadership and links this to a scaffolding of key attributes, skills and qualities that fit the environment of leading learning and teaching in the university. Particularly interested readers will be those beginning to lead teaching in a university setting as well as those who have been leading programme teams and the wider provision of teaching for some time wanting to enhance their skills and perspective.

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Transition into Higher Education (Critical Practice in Higher Education)

This book will help all academic staff in higher education (HE) develop more informed teaching and better support students as they transition to university.

It explores the organisations who advise students pre-university and uncovers the myths and misconceptions held by HE stakeholders. Induction and welcome activities are examined in order to identify best practice, transition problems such as study skills, employment, mental health and identity are covered, and a final chapter focuses on the effects of Covid-19 on transition issues.

The Critical Practice in Higher Education series provides a scholarly and practical entry point for academics into key areas of higher education practice. Each book in the series explores an individual topic in depth, providing an overview in relation to current thinking and practice, informed by recent research. The series will be of interest to those engaged in the study of higher education, those involved in leading learning and teaching or working in academic development, and individuals seeking to explore particular topics of professional interest. Through critical engagement, this series aims to promote an expanded notion of being an academic – connecting research, teaching, scholarship, community engagement and leadership – while developing confidence and authority.

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Principles and Practices of Assessment: A guide for assessors in the FE and skills sector (Further Education and Skills)

This is a core text for anyone training to be (or working as) an assessor in the further education and skills sector.  Whether you are a new or an experienced assessor, this book will guide you through the relevant principles and practices to enable you to become an assessor; improve your job role; and/or work towards a relevant assessment qualification.

The book takes you through all the information you need to know, opening up the topic for learning in a really accessible way. Interactive activities are included throughout, and real examples of assessment in practice are included. The book also includes examples of completed assessment documents. It is a comprehensive text, covering:

• principles of assessment
• planning for assessment
• types and methods of assessment
• assessment practice
• giving feedback
• recording progress and achievement
• quality assurance
• evaluation

The updated 4th edition includes new content on:

  • the assessor coach role
  • end-point assessment
  • the role of technology in assessment and quality assurance
  • online assessment
  • theories, principles and models of reflection and evaluation

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Teaching and Learning in Further Education: Diversity and change

Teaching and Learning in Further Education is established as an authoritative, wide-ranging introductory text for those training to work in the further education, post-compulsory education and lifelong learning sectors. It offers an easy to read picture of the practitioner’s everyday working life, a thorough historical account of the FE context and excellent advice on how to improve practice and enhance professional development. Essential topics covered include:


  • Key theorists


  • Teaching strategies


  • Assessment issues


  • The diverse curriculum


  • The nature of the student body


  • Blended learning and virtual learning


  • E-assessment and personal records of achievement

The fourth edition will be significantly updated in light of the latest research into teaching and learning, as well as extensive changes in the field including: Revision to the professional standards for teachers, tutors and trainers in the lifelong learning sector; increased provision of HE in FE; the introduction of functional skills and the 14-19 Diploma and the shifting nature of vocational qualifications.

Illustrated throughout by case studies and vignettes, and supported by reflective actitities and references to well respected research and literature, Teaching and Learning in Further Education is an essential text to be used throughout an FE tutor’s journey from trainee to qualified lecturer.

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Teaching adults

This bestselling book will help anyone who is engaged in teaching adults. Whether you are working with groups or individuals, in a formal or informal setting, face-to-face or via distance learning channels, it will help you to develop a relationship with your student learners while increasing your understanding of yourself as a teacher.

The authors examine different aspects of teaching including:

  • What is meant by adult learning and what are the main characteristics of adult learners?
  • What is the nature of learning and how does theory relate to practice?
  • How do teachers plan learning, set goals and objectives and most importantly how does a teacher know when learning has taken place?Each chapter contains a series of activities to help you relate what you are reading to your own experiences.Key features of the new edition include:
    • New research on unconscious and conscious learning
    • Adult learning in formal and non-formal education programmes
    • Fully updated and extended activities
    • Opportunity for teachers to pause and reflect on their role as teachersThis popular book is valuable reading for experienced teachers who wish to reflect on and improve their practice. It is also useful reading for those who are new to teaching and workplace trainers.

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Bias-aware Teaching, Learning and Assessment (Critical Practice in Higher Education)

This book offers university teachers informed and practical strategies for raising awareness of bias in teaching, learning and assessment practices. 

Conscious and unconscious biases influence judgements, perceptions, decision making and actions, and societal awareness has now turned the spotlight on how higher education (HE) is addressing bias at institutional and individual levels.  The urgency to do so is evidenced through recent studies which reveal the extent of the effects of discrimination and exclusion experienced by individual students, groups of students and members of staff. It can be difficult to know where to start and how to sustain effective impact to achieve inclusion, equity and equality of opportunity. This book offers informed and practical strategies for raising awareness of bias in teaching, learning and assessment practices and provides approaches to eliminate, limit and mitigate the negative effects of bias on university students.

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Enabling Critical Pedagogy in Higher Education (Critical Practice in Higher Education)

An essential introduction to critical pedagogy for all those working within higher education, re-examining the concept and exploring its practical application at an institutional level, within the curriculum, within assessment, through learning and teaching, and in the spaces in-between.

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Assessment, Evaluation, and Accountability in Adult Education

This book is intended to help practitioners in adult
education become better informed about assessment, evaluation, and
accountability as these are critical functions of administering and running
adult education programs. The book is for adult educators who have been asked
to serve on assessment committees, produce detailed reports for funders and
accreditors, create a culture of assessment within their program and
organization, and/or develop reports for accountability purposes.


Section one presents an introductory overview of assessment
and evaluation in adult education. Section two gives guidance on practices for
specific areas of adult education practice, such as army military education,
human resource development, and continuing professional education. Section
three provides assessment practices for adults in higher education, with
chapters dedicated to distance learning, health professions education, and
graduate education.

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Non-University Higher Education: Geographies of Place, Possibility and Inequality (Understanding Student Experiences of Higher Education)

What does ‘local’ mean when it describes a student or an institution of higher education? Holly Henderson explores this question by telling the story of students studying undergraduate degrees outside of the university, at colleges that offer degree courses but do not have university status. Because the students live at home while studying, and because the institutions themselves are seen to cater for a local rather than global student population, these are local students, studying local higher education. Importantly, the students are also studying in localities without a history of higher education provision, where the possibility of living in this place and studying for a degree is relatively new.

The book takes an in-depth approach to exploring how relationships to these places affect educational experience, how decisions are made about whether to leave or to stay for degree study, and what it means to be an undergraduate student who does not attend a university. As well as working against the easy assumptions to be made about the lives and characteristics of a surprisingly diverse and complex group of students, the book offers insights into the ways that place and space are crucial and often overlooked factors for anyone thinking about systemic and structural inequality in higher education.

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Developing Academics: The essential higher education handbook

Academics work in a highly complex world where they must build integrative capabilities and outcomes as teachers, researchers and leaders. As they progress from novice to expert their evolving identities, methodologies and strategies need to be well-attuned to their own strengths and the sectoral expectations: a process that is greatly facilitated by the guidance of leaders and specialist developers. Developing Academics offers guidance to developers, senior leaders and academics on the principles and practices that support high-performing and adaptive academic communities. As the first work to explore the complex nature of academic capacity building, it offers comprehensive development principles, learning theories and specific strategies to support academic growth and development.




Developing Academics explores academic capacity from a range of perspectives, including:


  • What makes a high-performing, well-rounded academic?




  • How can our academics be equipped to meet the demands of their current and future roles?




  • What are the essential characteristics of an outstanding developer and development service?




  • How can leaders support and guide high-performing academics who wish to excel?






This book is divided into five parts. The first explores academic capacity building and the role developers, leaders and academics play. The second part offers comprehensive guidance to higher education developers, providing the theoretical grounding, methodologies and advanced professional techniques that support their service delivery. The third explores the academic development context, mapping the key capabilities that academics need to acquire as they progress from early career to senior roles across their various portfolios. The fourth explores strategies to evaluate and research the impact of higher education development on learners and their performance. In the final part, the design of higher education services and their interaction with university leaders is explored, illustrating the critical importance of building influence and impact across the university community. The positioning of higher education development as a discipline is also mapped.




Developers, leaders and academics will find this handbook to be an essential resource for regular reference: full of useful insights, tips and strategies to help them increase their outcomes and impact. Readers are challenged to reflect on their own leadership and effectiveness throughout this work, as individuals and contributors to academic capacity building.

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Leading with a Lens of Inquiry: Cultivating Conditions for Curiosity and Empowering Agency

When teachers learn through inquiry, they teach through inquiry.

Typical models of training and professional development focus on telling. It’s a model that far too often trickles down to classrooms where the traditional way of “doing school” limits the way educators teach and students learn.
Fortunately, there is a better way to learn: through wonder, agency, and inquiry. FromLeading with a Lens of Inquiry administrators, educational instructors, and peer leaders learn how to cultivate learning spaces that ignite curiosity and inspire critical thinking in adult and student learners alike.

Educational Coordinator and Instructional Coach Jessica Vance shares her hands-on experience as an inquiry leader in this powerful and thought-provoking book. Outlining the six dispositions of an inquiry educator and then modeling the inquiry mindset, she provides leaders with practical and effective ways to bring learner voice, reflection, and better learning experiences to professional development—and to the classroom.

Lead with a lens of inquiry to spark curiosity in every learner.

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Essential Office 365 Second Edition: The Illustrated Guide to Using Microsoft Office (Computer Essentials)

The twenty-first century offers more technology than we have ever seen before, but all that “help” can be overwhelming. With new updates, software, and applications coming out every month, most computer users don’t have time to figure everything out on their own.


Essential Office 365: Second Edition is here to fill in the gaps. With comprehensive instruction for many commonly used Office Applications, this step-by-step guide offers specifics in choosing, setting up, and effectively utilizing the versions of today’s software that will best help you meet your goals. In addition, many illustrations and screenshots are included, allowing readers to quickly and easily digest information without feeling confused, wasting time, and getting discouraged. In this book, we’ll take a look at…


  • Downloading and Installing Office 2016
  • Getting started with Office Online using Sway, Docs, OneDrive, Mail & Calendar
  • Constructing professional looking documents with Word 2016
  • Adding and using graphics, photographs and clipart
  • Changing fonts, creating tables, graphs and formatting text
  • Creating presentations for your lessons, lectures, speeches or business presentations using PowerPoint 2016
  • Adding animations and effects to PowerPoint slides
  • Basics of Office Mix for PowerPoint
  • Using Excel 2016 to create spreadsheets that analyse, present and manipulate data
  • Creating Excel charts, graphs, functions and formulas
  • The basics of Microsoft Access databases
  • Keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues using Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • Maintaining calendars and keeping appointments with Outlook
  • Taking notes with OneNote and more…

Unlike manuals that assume a computing background not possessed by beginners, Essential Office 365: Second Edition tackles the basics of Office 365 so that everyone from students to senior citizens to home users pressed for time can take advantage of the digital revolution.

So if you’re looking for a Office manual, a visual book, simplified tutorial, dummies guide, or reference, Essential Office 365: Second Edition will help you maximize the potential of Microsoft Office to increase your productivity and enhance your digital life.

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Digital Learning, Teaching and Assessment for HE and FE Practitioners

An accessible, practical and up-to-date book on digital learning and teaching, relevant for all those involved in teaching and assessment in higher and further education (HE and FE), whatever your academic or vocational specialism.

It is essential reading for HE or FE practitioners, or those undertaking level 3, 4 and 5 qualifications
in Education and Training, Postgraduate Certificates in Education (PGCEs), Certificates in Education
(CertEds) and Postgraduate Certificates in Academic Practice (PGCAPs), as well as those in learning
technologist roles. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of
understanding and developing your digital capabilities as a basic competence in order to embrace
current digital technologies and pedagogies to improve student outcomes. This book provides you with
the practical knowledge and skills required to source and apply technology enhanced learning, teaching
and assessment (TELTA) and adapt traditional learning and teaching materials and approaches for an
online environment. It is designed around each aspect of the teaching and training cycle – identifying
needs, planning and designing, delivering and facilitating, assessing and evaluating – and also includes:

• how to build a positive and effective relationship with digital technology;
• guidance on topics such as selecting appropriate digital technologies and creating digital and online activities, resources and assessments;
• an emphasis on digital well-being and accessibility issues, and digital leadership;
• ways of keeping up to date and continuing professional development.

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Theories of Workplace Learning in Changing Times (Routledge Psychology in Education)

This book is an expansion and major updating of the highly successful Theories of Learning for the Workplace, first published in 2011. It offers fascinating overviews into some of the most important theories of learning and how they are practically applied to organisational or workplace learning. Each chapter is co-authored by an academic researcher and an expert in business or industry, providing practical case studies combined with a thorough analysis of theories and models of learning.

Key figures in education, psychology, and cognitive science present a comprehensive range of conceptual perspectives on learning theory, offering a wealth of new insights to support innovative research directions and innovation in learning, training, and teaching for the upcoming post-Covid-19 decades. Containing overviews of theories from Argyris, Decuyper, Dochy & Segers, Engeström, Ericsson, Kolb, Lave & Wenger, Mezirow, Raes & Boon, Schön, Senge, and Van den Bossche, this book discusses:


  • Learning of employees in the digital era


  • Workplace learning


  • High impact learning


  • Informal learning


  • Adult learning


  • Learning & development didactics (L&D)


  • Reflective practice


  • Transformational learning


  • Experiential learning


  • Deliberate practice


  • Communities of practice


  • Team learning


  • Organisational learning


  • Expansive learning

Combining theory and practice, this book will be essential reading for all trainee and practising educational psychologists, organisational psychologists, researchers, and students in the field of lifelong learning, educational policy makers, students, researchers, and teachers in vocational and higher education. It will also be of interest to those involved in training trainers and teacher training.

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Complete Guide/Level 5 Diploma in Education & Training (Further Education)

This is a new, third edition of the essential text for all those working towards the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training. Tailored to meet the demands of the qualification and the latest Standards, it incorporates key information on reflective practice, study and research skills, and provides full coverage of all the mandatory units.

Accessible language is combined with a critical approach that clearly relates practical examples to the required underpinning theory. This third edition:

  • has been fully updated throughout, including reference to the new Ofsted Inspection Handbook and legislation around GDPR, mental health, social media and apprenticeships
  • includes new case studies and questions in every chapter
  • features a completely new chapter on mental and emotional well-being
  • is suitable for use with all awarding organisations and HEIs
  • provides the depth and criticality to meet level 5 requirements

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You’ve Got This: A Student’s Guide to Well-being at University and Beyond

You can take control of your well-being and mental health.

Student life can be overwhelming, with so many issues to deal with including living away from home, workload, deadlines and exams, family pressures and challenging relationships. It is not surprising that you might struggle to cope sometimes. But there are simple and effective ways that you can take ownership of your mental health, meaning you stay stress free, enjoy your university experience and achieve academic success.

This book guides you through your student journey from preparing to go to college or university, managing the academic pressures, finding a job, and everything in-between. Relevant scenarios are presented, linked to a series of topics that explore the challenges you might experience, along with self-enquiry reflections which help you to apply the theory to your own experience and key take-aways. The approaches and strategies outlined will help you improve your academic performance, enhance your social skills, learn to manage your emotions, reduce your anxieties, and help you to think in more empowering ways.

Combining practical psychological and spiritual guidance, You’ve Got This is written in a down to earth, jargon-free way, helping you, the reader take responsibility over the most important thing of all – the way you think.

Examples of topics covered:

  • I am homesick and feel lonely
  • I feel like I don’t fit in
  • I feel anxious about attending lectures
  • I am scared to admit I am struggling at university
  • I feel anxious about submitting my work
  • I am worried if I don’t get good grades, I won’t get a good job
  • I don’t like attending lectures
  • Why do I struggle with my mental health?
  • I think I may have an eating disorder

With over 100 topics providing solutions to common challenges faced by the university student, this book is a preventative tool, helping the student stay emotionally balanced allowing academic success.

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A Complete Guide to the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (Further Education)

A fully revised and updated third  edition of the complete guide to the new Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training, suitable for use with any awarding organisation.

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Principles and Practices of Teaching and Training: A guide for teachers and trainers in the FE and skills sector (Further Education and Skills)

Written by bestselling author Ann Gravells, this is the complete go-to guide for anyone wanting to be (or working as) a teacher or trainer in the further education and skills sector, in the UK and beyond. It has all the information you need to work towards a qualification such as the Award, Certificate or Diploma in Education and Training. It is also relevant to anyone taking a Train the Trainer course, or an international teaching qualification.

The book takes you through all the information you need to know, opening up the topic for learning in an easily accessible way. Interactive activities are included throughout, along with real examples of teaching and training in practice. The book also includes examples of completed teaching documents.

This is a comprehensive text, covering:

  • The role of a teacher/trainer
  • Factors contributing to learning
  • Planning and facilitating learning for groups and individuals
  • Using technology and resources to support learning
  • Assessing learning
  • Quality assurance
  • Evaluation, reflection, and continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Preparing for a micro-teach session and teaching/observed practice

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Early Childhood Education and Play

An introduction to early childhood education, detailing the various approaches to curriculum, theories of play, and the principles and philosophy of Aistear and Síolta in providing for the holistic development of the child. Written for both FETAC Level 5 Early Childhood Education and Play (5N1773) and Approaches to Early Childhood Education (5N1763) modules Outlines the various types, stages, patterns and purposes of play, including a child-led approach to play. Explores the role of the adult in nurturing and developing the child s learning experience in the ECCE setting. Introduces the elements of the ECCE environment, both indoors and outdoors, and their effects on the child s development. Describes and evaluates the core concepts, philosophies and programmes of Montessori, Froebel and Steiner s early childhood education approaches. WRITTEN FOR The mandatory components of the Early Childhood Care and Education major award (5M2009): FETAC Level 5 Early Childhood Education and Play (5N1773) And the elective component: FETAC Level 5 Approaches to Early Childhood Education (5N1763)

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