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The Team at Book Supplier have selected some of the Finest Law Books on sale in our online book store. We source the finest books for our readers, all recommended and actually reviewed by our team of Librarians inhouse.

Employment law questions answers

Questions and answers on employment law seventh edition from leading industry expert Deborah Lockton.  

Law express employment law

Law express: Employment law revised edition from David Cabrelli.

Blackstones statutes employment law

Blackstone’s statutes on employment law twenty first edition written by Richard Kidner. 

Arbitration of commercial disputes

Arbitration of commercial disputes: International and English law and practice new edition from leading authors Andrew Tweeddale and Karen Tweeddale. 

Building and land law

Galbraiths building and land management law for students sixth edition. 

Guide to employment law

Guide to employment law

The easyway guide to employment law: A comprehensive and illuminating guide to all aspects of employment law from Oliver Rowell.

The 50th law book

The 50th law book

The 50th Law book from best selling authors 50 Cent and Robert Green. 

Comsumer law common europe

Consumer law: Lus commune casebooks for a common law of Europe. 

Corporate insolvency law trading

Principles of corporate insolvency law forth edition. 

Land law trading elements

The all new fifth edition of elements of land law.

Braithwaites regulating law

Braithwaites regulating law

Regulating law by John Braithwaite, Christine Parker and Colin Scot

Unlock employment law

Unlocking employment law is one of the highest regarded releases of its kind.