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The Latest additions that have been hand selected for our Readers have been listed below, from Finance books to Law and Trading books.

Global foreign currency exchange

Global currency exchange written by Vasu Brown is an extremely detailed and comprehensive book detailing many of the ins and outs of the foreign exchange world. You will find within this book extensive detailing of the monetary vehicle of forex and its advantages over many of the different markets from across the globe.

Braithwaites regulating law

Regulating law by John Braithwaite, Christine Parker and Colin Scott as one of the most comprehensive and extensive publications on law available on the market today. Regulating law begins by exploring the goals and policies within the all new regulatory state as well as discussing the fundamental reshaping of domains and jurisprudence.

Successfully trading stock market

How and when to invest in the stock market: Winning market trading strategies from industry expert Kantilal R Petel is an extremely detailed and interesting publication. The author aims to provide you with a solid foundation for your journey into the stock market by giving a concise and accurate explanation of the factors involved with trading the stock market.

Shares without tears

Shares without tears: The private investors guide to share trading by Jenny Hawethorn provides the reader with an in depth account of how to deal and trade shares successfully in a variety of markets. The author aims to reveal just how profitable trading shares can be when certain procedures are put in place.

$2 Million stock market

How i made $2 million in the stock market: The Darvas system for stock market profits is the latest and one of the most popular releases from Nicholas Darvas. The book tells the story of one of the most unusual stories of success in the long history of the stock market.

Contrarian ripple trading stocks

Contrarian ripple trading: A low risk strategy to profiting from short term stock trades from Wiley trading and written by Aiden J McNamara and Martha A Brozyna is a compelling and extremely interesting piece of reading material. Contrarian ripple trading is a well written and well documented piece of observation aimed at many of the worlds stock market traders.

Business law for business

Card and James business law for business, accounting and finance students from Lee Roach as an extremely efficient and detailed look on how these three entities work together within the business world. You will find this text is one of the most detailed and analytical accounts of the laws and requirements within this complex profession.

GCSE business studies ocr

OCR business studies for GCSE second edition is a new and innovative presentation from authors Peter Kennerdell, Alan Williams and Mike Schofield. This new edition of the highly rated learning series covers all aspects of the basic assessments made by GCSE examiners helping the student gain complete knowledge of what is need to be successful in their exams.

Trading commodities 101

Commodity trading 101: How to exploit the new bull market in raw materials without getting killed from leading author Andras M Nagy provides its readers with extensive details on how to become successful trading various different types of commodities safely and most important profitably.

Capital and financial investment

The corporate cost of capital and financial investment in New Zealand from Jianguo Chen, Carolyn Wirth and Ruijing Wang as a comprehensive overview of international financial investment.

Foreign exchange markets

The exchange arrangements and foreign exchange markets: developments and issues for world and economic and financial surveys illustrated edition is one of the finest books of its kind to ever be published. The author Shogo Ishii is a world renowned and respected leading authority on the subject and details extensively within the book just what to expect within this competitive industry.

Equity and trusts law

Law express: equity and trusts revision guide is one of the hottest releases of the year from award winning author John G Duddington. Law express was created to provide you with a better understanding of equities and trusts which in turn will give you a better performance within all of your up coming examinations.

Stock market trading trends

Seasonal stock market trends: A definitive guide to calendar based stock market trading from Wiley trading and world renowned author Jay Kaeppel is one of the most must have books on the market today. This great book explains how there is a seasonal bias within the stock market and by paying attention to this fact you will be able to predict and control various amounts of seasonal market tendencies.

The naked share trader

The naked share trader: how anyone can make money trading shares from Robbie Burns is an in depth guide on how to be successful within the stock market from one of the leading experts in the industry. This book is regarded as one of the most entertaining and truthful books on how to go about and be successful at trading shares and reveals many of the tactics used by some of the most successful traders in the world.

Free capital stock trading

Free capital: how 12 private investors made millions in the stock market from Guy Thomas is an extremely popular and interesting publication that has gained many credits since its release. The book itself details how twelve separate private investors took the market by storm and along the way made millions of dollars in the process.

Business law revised edition

The business law revised edition from James Marson is a highly acclaimed and simplistic look at the world of business law and the procedures within it. This comprehensive new text book provides students with an extremely detailed account of the workings of business law as well as invaluable information for those tackling the business world for the first time.

Business studies revision guide

The GCSE business studies revision guide from Richard Parsons is an in depth and practical revision manual for students participating in their final school exams. The book itself covers all the topical questions that the exams will entail and is presented in an easy to follow and extremely simple format.

Commodity trading internationally

International commodity trading: Physical and derivative markets from Ephraim A Clark, Jean Baptiste and Rene Thieblemont is a revolutionary new publication that has been highly recommended by many industry experts. The books as a whole discusses the way commodities are linked to the physical economy and the way commodities effect the global trading markets.

Emergence of capital markets

Emerging capital markets: Financial and investment issues from J Jay Choi and John Doukas is one of the most sought after publications within the industry of financial investment. The authors aim to provide you with a comprehensive collection of various articles based on financial investment issues within many of the worlds emerging capital economies.

Practical foreign exchange

Tim Weithers is back with this excellent and practical guide to dealing with foreign currencies and exchanges. The practical guide to the forex market aims to prove that with money you can create exciting and profitable investments. Within this book you will find a whirlwind tour of one of the worlds biggest market places and the person guiding you is one of the leading experts within the field. You will find within the book many fascinating insights in to the fast moving world of foreign exchanges.

Unlock employment law

Unlocking employment law is one of the highest regarded releases of its kind and is a key insight into the world of employment law and its uses. Chris Turner, Janice Nairns and Jacqueline Martin bring you a complete overview of the world of employment law which is detailed to you in a extensive and comprehensive fashion.

Living by trend trading

Trend trading for a living: learn the skills and gain the confidence to trade for a living is one of Thomas K Carrs finest masterpieces and has earned him great recognition from leading industry experts. This revolutionary new book attempts to teach you how to profit from and earn a living from trend trading the stock market.

Making share trading simple

Making share trading simple: A beginners guide to the stock market is an highly anticipated publication from one of the subjects most respected experts. Rodney Hobson provides you with an in depth look into the world of share trading and its mechanics whilst giving extremely comprehensive explanations of all the workings within it.

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Trading the stock market

How the stock market works is an all new and exclusive publication from Michael Becket and Yvette Essen which brings you an in depth discussion of the general workings of the stock market machine. This highly acclaimed book reveals the many tactics and procedures that are involved within the trading world and how to use them to your advantage in this fast moving and unforgiving environment.

Stock Trading Book

A classic Stock Trading Book, offering an insight into the World of Trading.

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