Modern Money Mechanics

This reprint presents Modern Money Mechanics as it was originally published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in editions ranging from 1961-1992. The last revision, made in 1992, was most recently published in 1994. As a description of our money system since the time of the creation of the Federal Reserve, hard money advocates, political libertarians and others have found the content of this book damning and used it as part of a general critique of American fiat currency. This booklet has been cited by Gary North, Lew Rockwell, the U.S. and U.K. Libertarian parties and many others. It even features in YouTube videos. As a simplified model for fractional reserve banking, Modern Money Mechanics remains an excellent beginning, one that can be read in a single sitting and one that has the advantage of showing us the Federal Reserve presenting itself and its operations to a broad, mass readership.

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