Pearson Edexcel A-level Economics A Student Guide: Theme 3 Business behaviour and the labour market

This new edition Student Guide has been fully updated for 2019 and covers Theme 3 Business behaviour and the labour market, A-level Paper 1 Markets and business behaviour, and A-level Paper 3 Microeconomics and Macroeconomics will both draw on topics from Theme 3.

With clear topic summaries of content needed for the exams, knowledge-check questions and samples of exam-style questions and answers throughout, this guide will help you prepare for exams with confidence.

- Identify key content for the exams with our concise summary of topics
- Find out what examiners are looking for with our Questions and Answers section
- Test your knowledge with rapid-fire questions and answers
- Avoid common pitfalls with clear definitions and exam tips throughout
- Reinforce learning with bullet-list summaries at the end of each section

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