Pearson Edexcel A-Level Economics Theme 3 Workbook: Business behaviour and the labour market

This new edition Workbook has been fully updated for 2019 and covers Theme 3 Business behaviour and the labour market A-level Paper 1 Markets and business behaviour, and A-level Paper 3 Microeconomics and Macroeconomics will both draw on topics from Theme 3.

Up-to-date and focused to help students practice their skills and improve their subject knowledge both inside and outside the classroom, this Practice Workbook:

- Covers specific aspects of the course, providing targeted support for complex and challenging topics
- Reinforces students' understanding, with more new practice questions and exam-style questions to develop their skills and improve their confidence
- Includes more sample answers with commentary to help students meet the demands of the specification
- Adapts easily and flexibly to existing textbooks and schemes of work
- Provides opportunities for self-directed learning and self-testing, helping students revise on their own terms

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