Putting the Heart Back into Business: How to place people, planet and purpose at the core of what you do

Do you feel there should be more to running a business than the focus on profit alone? Do you ever wonder why you work so hard yet still feel that something is missing? In this uniquely honest and ground-breaking book, entrepreneur Andrew Thornton and coach Eudora Pascall propose a better way of being in business - one that enables everyone to truly be themselves, harnesses people's strengths and individuality, and puts people and planet first - whilst trusting that profit will still follow. With the inspiring story of the transformation that took place in a multicultural North London supermarket as a backdrop, Andrew and Eudora demonstrate the huge impact and positive difference that running a heart-centred business can make on the lives of the people you work with and the world you live in too. Through a wealth of illuminating real-life stories, insightful case studies and a host of practical tips and expert guidance, you'll be empowered to start a journey of self-discovery that will help you: Understand your purpose in life and business Become a more authentic, caring leader Address prejudice, inequality and division Untie the knots the prevent progress Approach life and business from an exciting new perspective By discovering how to put the heart into your business you can turn problems into opportunity, build enduring strength and resilience, and take positive action against the huge challenges faced by both businesses and the world alike.

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