Sell It Like a Mango: A New Seller’s Guide to Closing More Deals

Stand out from the competition and become a top-performing seller by mastering a proven sales process.

Imagine you and another street cart vendor in Jamaica are both selling the same exact mango—same source, same price. What can you do to differentiate yourself? You don’t have to sound or dress a certain way; that’s the Hollywood image of the smooth-talking salesperson, not reality. Anyone can thrive in sales and distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace—if they have a strong desire to succeed, a belief that they can, and an intentional strategy.

Maybe you’re not selling a mango, but the same principle applies to every sales situation: you have a product or service that can benefit others, and your job is to help buyers persuade themselves by providing them with the necessary education to make a good decision. Sell It Like a Mango shares practical, easy-to-implement principles, tools, and techniques to build value and convert prospects into loyal fans. Transform your sales mindset and close more deals as you learn to:

  • Recognize misconceptions about selling that are holding you back
  • Find your “why” to keep you motivated
  • Ditch phony sales tactics for authentic ones
  • Overcome the fear of rejection and leverage adversity to your advantage
  • Identify opportunities and act on them
  • Pinpoint, attract, and convert the right prospects—and keep them saying “yes” throughout the entire sales process
  • And much more!

With these strategies, you can sell any product or service like a mango—because it’s not the product or service that makes the difference; it’s the seller.

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