The Gravity Well: America’s Next, Greatest Mission

THE ANSWER TO AMERICA'S RENEWAL LIES DIRECTLY ABOVE US. The Gravity Well reveals an astronomical mystery and offers the best promise for our nation's future. What is the Gravity Well? A deep hole in space, a force that presses us to Earth, an obstacle stretching a million miles up and out, with us at the bottom, and our generation's most promising challenge. Conquering the Well offers our best hope for America's renewal - and, in the long run, for the survival of our species. Humans have been trying to escape the Well for more than a century. Today, our greatest entrepreneurs are building a space economy, accomplishing remarkable technological feats, while climbing only a tiny fraction of the way. What will it take to break out of the Well? The entire nation. The cost? It will surprise you. The Gravity Well explains the true, poorly understood challenge of space, while making an inspiring case for meeting that challenge. Imagine a national effort that: Offers immediate payoffs to the economy. Inspires young people to study STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Restores America's reputation as a peacefulworld leader. Already has the support of Americans across the political spectrum. The Gravity Well is a must-read - not just for those interested in space but for anyone who cares about our country.

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