Accelerating Excellence: The Principles that Drive Elite Performance

AMBITION IS NOT THE PROBLEM. FOLLOW THROUGH IS. In Accelerating Excellence James King draws on his fifteen years of experience as a trusted advisor to some of the worlds most elite and exclusive organisations combined with cutting edge scientific research to reveal the foundational principles that are proven to drive elite performance. This inspiring book is bursting with highly actionable strategies you can apply today that will make you better tomorrow. You will learn how to:- Align with the principles all outlier performers have leveraged in order to obtain and sustain elite performance- Ignite your psychological firepower and unleash the inner confidence, motivation and resilience that we all know drive success. - Apply a methodology that will channel your ambition, talent and effort so allowing you to get better faster.- Rapidly acquire skills that stick blowing the 10,000-hour rule out the water. - Win the head game mastering your emotions so you can access your best when it matters most - Generate breakthrough solutions to innovate and stay ahead of the rest. Accelerating Excellence will revolutionise the way you perceive excellence, potential and talent, crushing some of the most entrenched assumptions along the way. You will emerge inspired about the possibility that exists before you, enriched with purpose, structure and direction along with a biological and psychological edge over the competition.

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