Business and Management Consulting: Delivering an Effective Project, 6th Edition

For undergraduate and postgraduate students in management consulting and MBA courses with a consulting module.



Gain consulting insights into business decision making in today’s environment


Business and Management Consulting, 6th Edition, by Wickham and Wilcock, was first published as Management Consulting over 20 years ago to guide students through the consultancy process. This new, renamed edition reflects the way in which the consulting world has changed over the past two decades. New digital technologies have made information more accessible and changed the way businesses operate in today’s faster-paced, more volatile environment, so management consultants need to have a wider view of their client company.


Management consulting remains a popular career choice but undertaking a consulting project for the first time can seem daunting. This book continues to offer a practical guide to balancing theory and practice, while also giving tips and techniques to the more seasoned practitioner, so it is ideal for anyone who is undertaking a consulting project. This is delivered from the accumulated knowledge and insight of the authors and contributors, who all have been consultants.



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