Business Architecture: Collecting, Connecting, and Correcting the Dots

Build a Business Architecture Framework to enable your organization to grow and gracefully accommodate change.

The practical approach described in this book can help you as a business architect, analyst, or manager, create reusable, adaptable, and manageable knowledge of your organization. Apply the full lifecycle from business strategy through implementation, and identify the required knowledge domains. Convert business strategy into usable and effective business designs which optimize investment decisions. Articulate what domain knowledge (the dots) needs to be collected, how these are connected, and which combinations provide the greatest opportunity if corrected. The book covers the main business architecture stages of 'Define the Business', 'Design the Business', 'Build the Business', and 'Operate the Business'. Build models of the external ecosystem, business stakeholders, business information, business processes, business capabilities, change prioritization, and performance management systems to support your change journey.

This book is an essential companion guide for new business architects and analysts, and a valuable reference for experienced architects to enhance their practice.

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