Business Relationship Management for the Digital Enterprise: Strategies for managing IT to meet the digital challenges facing enterprises now and in the future

This book is for those interested in the management of Information Technology (IT) for the Digital Enterprise. It examines how Business Relationship Management (BRM), an organizational innovation that first appeared in the 1990s and has been gaining traction globally, can accelerate the time-to-value from digitization. It is suitable for use at the Freshman level in college courses.

It is based on lessons from a 50-year career in IT, spanning computer hardware design, software development, marketing, sales, corporate management, research, and management consulting. More specifically, the book draws from 12 years of blogging. Launched in September 2007, my blog was titled IT Organization Circa 2017 and focused on the major shifts in the world of IT management, looking ten years ahead. It recognizes the importance of managing business relationships to gain the full potential of information and IT.

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