Consumption-Based Forecasting and Planning: Predicting Changing Demand Patterns in the New Digital Economy (Wiley and SAS Business Series)

Discover a new, demand-centric framework for forecasting and demand planning

In Consumption-Based Forecasting and Planning, thought leader and forecasting expert  Charles W. Chase delivers a practical and novel approach to retail and consumer goods companies demand planning process. The author demonstrates why a demand-centric approach relying on point-of-sale and syndicated scanner data is necessary for success in the new digital economy.

The book showcases short- and mid-term demand sensing and focuses on disruptions to the marketplace caused by the digital economy and COVID-19. You’ll also learn:

  • How to improve demand forecasting and planning accuracy, reduce inventory costs, and minimize waste and stock-outs
  • What is driving shifting consumer demand patterns, including factors like price, promotions, in-store merchandising, and unplanned and unexpected events
  • How to apply analytics and machine learning to your forecasting challenges using proven approaches and tactics described throughout the book via several case studies.   

Perfect for executives, directors, and managers at retailers, consumer products companies, and other manufacturers, Consumption-Based Forecasting and Planning will also earn a place in the libraries of sales, marketing, supply chain, and finance professionals seeking to sharpen their understanding of how to predict future consumer demand.

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