Corporate Foreign Exchange Risk Management

A practical and accessible guide that demystifies ForEx risk for managers in all areas of business

Virtually any organisation active in the global economy is impacted by fluctuations in foreign exchange (FX or ForEx) markets. Managers need to understand this increasingly complex issue and measure their firm’s exposure to risk. Corporate Foreign Exchange Risk Management is an in-depth yet accessible guide on effective ForEx exposure management. Designed for professionals responsible for managing a profit & loss or balance sheet influenced by ForEx fluctuations, it enables risk managers to navigate the interconnected worlds of financial management and economics.

This innovative guide integrates academic discussion of the economics of risk management decisions and pragmatic advice for various situations in which performance measures affected by accounting standards are paid considerable attention. Readers are provided with the tools and knowledge required to handle a broad range of issues related to ForEx risk management. Clear, non-technical chapters demystify concepts that often appear complicated and confusing to managers. Written by globally-recognised experts in corporate finance, risk management and international business, this book:

  • Employs a reader-friendly narrative style to explain complex concepts
  • Provides a clear, actionable risk management strategy which can be used in a variety of businesses
  • Places all concepts in relatable, real-world contexts
  • Explains important academic research to practitioners in plain English
  • Includes effective pedagogical tools and explanations, straightforward examples and end-of-chapter summaries which highlight key points

Corporate Foreign Exchange Risk Management is a must-read for any manager who deals with corporate exposure to ForEx risk, as well as analysts wishing to better understand the relation between corporate performance and ForEx fluctuations and students of corporate risk management.

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