Developing Coaching Skills: A Concise Introduction

Learn how to coach effectively—and help others unlock their potential!

Do you plan to become a professional coach? Do you want to enhance your coaching skills to become a better coach or leader? Or do you just want to know more about how coaching works to help improve the lives of others?

With this concise coaching textbook, you will quickly learn the main principles and tools of executive coaching and life coaching.

Key features:

  • A compact yet comprehensive overview of how coaching works
  • Over 200 powerful coaching questions that you can apply right away
  • Master all phases of the coaching process
  • Conduct effective coaching conversations in a goal- and solution-oriented way
  • Develop essential coaching skills (e.g. questioning, active listening, goal setting, giving constructive feedback, coaching for performance, dealing with emotions, and supporting behavior change)
  • Tried and tested coaching tools
  • Best-practice insights into how experienced coaches work
  • Practical coaching exercises for developing your own coaching skills
  • Free bonus learning materials on the companion website

Developing Coaching Skills is essential reading for aspiring and practicing coaches, as well as for leaders and students of coaching.

Learn what effective coaching really means, make coaching a habit, and bring out the best in other people!

What experienced coaches and coach educators say about Developing Coaching Skills:

"Developing Coaching Skills is an outstanding introduction to a wide range of coaching tools and methodologies. Whether you're a leader seeking to adopt a coaching approach to management, an aspiring coach establishing your practice, or an experienced coach looking to refresh your toolkit, you'll find this accessible volume a tremendously useful resource."
-- Ed Batista, Executive Coach, San Francisco (California)

"If you want to develop your coaching skills, this is the book for you, it is a practically a masterclass in your library! The integration of the 'what, why and how' is masterfully done with practical examples and insight from experienced global coaches."
-- Elona Hlatshwayo, Lecturer in Masters in Management in Business and Executive Coaching as a Lead for the Coaching Process and Professional Practice modules, Wits Business School, University of the Witwatersrand

"An easily accessible and comprehensive book for the early career coach or student of coaching, full of useful exercises, the key models and approaches. A great place to start if you want to know what coaching is and how it works."
-- Dr Alexandra Morgan, Accredited Executive Coach and Programme Leader of the Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Coaching, Leicester Castle Business School (De Montfort University)

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