Employee Signing In And Out Book: Keep Track of the Employee|record up to 2640 Forms| Staff Signing Book, Great for Business, Office, Security | A4 ,8.5×11 Inch

✪ This employee sign-in/out logbook helps the supervisor keep track of the employee and defines when the employee is at work.

✪ Without the presence of a time clock, an employee will not be able to record the overtime as well as the duration of the breaks that they take in a day.

✪ To avoid lawsuits, employers typically keep records that are as detailed as possible. This is why you need this logbook, it makes data collection easy.

✪ The 111-page paperback book is a matte book and bound with book industry binding, don't worry, the lines are spacious and let you write comfortably, and The quality crisp white paper minimizes ink bleed-through and is perfect for pen or pencil users.

✪ Use the log to record:

  • Year
  • Date
  • Name of Employee
  • Time in
  • Time out
  • Signature

✪ Features of this book include :

  • The first page has a place to record the business details.
  • Dimensions:8.5 x 11 inch .
  • Pages: 111.

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