Focus Guru – 52 Ways To Achieve Your Work/Life Balance

Focus Guru - 52 Ways To Achieve Your Work/Life Balance

An unplanned road trip and a chance meeting on the networking circuit brought friendship, business and the exciting opportunity to collaborate writing the “Focus Guru” series of books.

Inside “52 Ways To Achieve Your Work/Life Balance”, you’ll get instant access to some of our real-world tips you can use to achieve your own work/life balance.

❎You don’t have to be short of time to read this book

❎You don’t have to have oodles of time to read this book

❎You don’t have to be struggling with your work/life balance to read this book.

Whether you read the whole book in a sitting, or read one suggestion a week, you’ll find practical examples and engaging visuals on every page.

This book is your opportunity to see things differently on your journey to achieve your dream work/life balance.

"Rachael is also known as The Focus Guru, and what Rachael doesn't know about taming time isn't worth knowing. Rachael walks the walk, as well as talks the talk - so if you are looking for great tips to put you back in control of your time, & finding that elusive work/life balance that's been eluding you - this is the book for you." - Sheena Whyatt KAPOW your Super Business Coach

"My initial thoughts are regarding your ability to manage time really effectively between family, friends and business. You are very focused on ensuring you remain disciplined for each part of your life but without compromising on any of the aspects you are immersed in at that time. Each gets your professional, emotional, mental and, when need, physical attention. You are incredibly passionate about each part of your life, but have the inate ability to, nicely, cut short those you feel don't meet your expectations. Wasting little time on energy drainers or tyre kickers." - Adrian Cuthill Multisports for Schools

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