Forget The First Million: Detox Your Approach to Finance. Build a Better Business.

Sometimes, being an entrepreneur isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There, I said it.

You start your business as a brave explorer; a job-quitting, dream-achieving, go-getter. But quickly, your dream can balloon outside of your control and you end up overworked, underpaid and insanely stressed.

You feel that if you could just earn a little bit more money, things would be better. Hell, if you could just make that first million then life would be easy, right?


You’ve been sold a lie by business books and TV shows. Instead of buying into an unobtainable (and unnecessary) rat race, learn to rethink your approach to finance and find freedom in your business.

In Forget the First Million, entrepreneur and business mentor Lucy Cohen offers a guide to help stressed business owners enjoy fulfilling lives and thriving businesses. Learn to balance the need to make money with the joy of financial freedom.

So forget the first million. Build a better business for your future. Now.

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