Higher Business Management (second edition): Comprehensive Textbook to Learn CfE Topics (Leckie Course Notes)

Exam Board: SQA
Level: Higher
Subject: Business Management
First Teaching: 2018, First Exam: 2019

The CfE Higher Business Management Course Notes helps teachers and students map their route through the CfE programme, providing comprehensive and authoritative guidance for the course.

Progress and attainment for all
• Course and Unit specifications are fully covered
• ‘You should already be able to’ sections and ‘Revision activities’ refresh prior learning and skills
• ‘Key questions’ ensure that every student can progress securely

Active learning
• ‘Make the link’ features encourage broader thinking between and across subjects
• ‘Questions’ and ‘Activities’ allow students to apply knowledge and put skills to work
• ‘Case studies’ provide opportunities to apply knowledge and solve problems

Assessment and practice you can rely on
• ‘End of unit material’ offers guidance on Unit Assessments and how to succeed in the exam
• ‘Check your progress’ sections enable students to monitor progress regularly

Course Notes give a practical, supportive approach to help deliver the new curriculum and offer a blend of sound teaching and learning with assessment guidance.

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