How to Run a Limited Company

If you run a limited company, there is a whole range of legal duties and formalities that you must follow. For the time-pressed company manager this can be a fraught process, as there are severe financial penalties for not complying with the regulations. This is where this book can help. It is ideal for anyone who has taken on the role of company secretary. It provides clear advice on the procedures to follow and paperwork to complete on key issues. Whether it's appointing a director, issuing shares or declaring a dividend, How to Run a Limited Company shows you how to comply with the requirements of Companies House, simply and effectively. Complies with current companies legislation and covers: Company formation, Directors, Company secretary, Registered office, Confirmation Statement, Statutory books, Shares and share capital, Shareholders meetings, Board meetings, Company accounts, Auditors, Business stationery, Mortgages and charges, Dividends, Procedures and template documents. 'Quick cribs' for fast answers on action to take.

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