Slack: Operations Management 10th edition

Operations may not run the world, but it makes the world run!

To truly understand the way a business operates, you need to get your hands dirty –- that’s how you get to appreciate what's actually happening within an organization. Looking inside for the answers is what Operations Management is all about.

Learn from world-leading experts Nigel Slack, Alistair Brandon-Jones and Nicola Burgess and benefit from their wealth of experience helping improve businesses of all shapes and sizes. Strategic in its perspective, the book offers a comprehensive and practical way to explore key concepts and see them in action through a plethora of international examples.


What makes Operations Management, 10th edition work so well?

  • Clear structure (thanks to the “4 Ds” model of operations management)
  • Real life examples through the ‘operations in practice’ boxes and case studies
  • Worked examples blend qualitative and quantitative perspectives
  • Critical commentaries pose alternative views where appropriate
  • Summary answers to key questions in practical bullet points
  • A New section in every chapter called ‘Responsible Operations’, which summarizes how the topic touches upon social, ethical and environmental issues 

Nigel Slack is Emeritus Professor of Operations Management and Strategy at Warwick Business School, an Honorary Professor at Bath University and 'Honorary Fellow of the European Operations Management Association'.

Alistair Brandon-Jones is a Full Chaired Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management, and Head of the Information, Decisions, and Operations Division at the University of Bath, School of Management.

Nicola Burgess is Reader in Operations Management at Warwick Business School. She has worked extensively with public sector organisations to understand operations management and improvement in a public sector context.

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