Strategic Business Management Exam Room Notes 2022

New and fully-revised 2022 edition of our popular Exam Room Notes book. Fully updated for all 2022 syllabus changes and all learning points from the 2021 past papers (including testing of statistical techniques).

How will our Strategic Business Management Exam Room Notes 2022 book help you secure your pass?

(1) Removes the need for you to prepare an exam day folder, saving a huge amount of time to put into the rest of your studies during the revision phase.

(2) Provides sensibly-organised, alphabetically-organised notes on all key financial reporting, audit and assurance topics to reduce any search time in the exam and also when using the book as a revision resource before exam day.

(3) Provides a hardcopy study resource – perfect for students who prefer to learn from the physical page. Many students have reported that they found our Exam Room Notes books to be a more practical form of revision resource than the digital ICAEW materials.

(4) Contains notes on all key Professional Level content (including the FM content which is assumed knowledge at the Advanced Level, saving you revision time on topics that the examiners report are badly understood by many students).

(5) Our notes have been prepared by experienced tutors who have taught SBM since the exam was first launched in 2014. We have used this experience to ensure that we focus on the most relevant and examinable content.

The book has been developed by the same authors behind our successful BPT Exam Room Notes and CR Exam Room Notes books and is based on our trademark style of simple, clear and succinct explanations of syllabus content with a focus on what you really need to do to get the marks as quickly as possible.

This publication is supported by additional Enhanced Edition online resources (available at an additional charge of £15) including hundreds of short-form questions on the 2022 syllabus updates, tips and tricks for SBM and other downloads. Full instructions on how to upgrade to the Enhanced Edition online resources are provided in the book.

To complete your Advanced Level studies, look out for our Corporate Reporting Exam Room Notes 2022!

See our website at for more information on our popular Exam Room Notes series, including the free content (such as a free sample of this book and additional technical and technique videos for SBM) hosted in “The Profit Room” (, our collaborative learning community for ICAEW students.

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