The Live Music Business: Management and Production of Concerts and Festivals

The Live Music Business: Management and Production of Concerts and Festivals, Third Edition, shines a light on the enigmatic live music business, offering a wealth of inside advice and trade secrets to artists and bands looking to make a living in the industry. Previously published as The Tour Book, this new edition has been extensively revised, reorganized, and updated to reflect today’s music industry.

This practical guidebook examines the roles of the key players – from booking agents to concert promoters, artist managers to talent buyers – and the deals, conventions, and processes that drive this global business. Written by a touring professional with over 25 years of experience, this book elucidates why playing live is crucial to the success of any musician, band, or artist, explaining issues like:

  • what managers, promoters, and agents do and how they arrange shows and tours;
  • how to understand and negotiate show contracts;
  • how to create a contract rider, and how the rider affects the money you earn from a show;
  • how to appear professional and knowledgeable in an industry with its own conventions, language, and baffling technical terms; and
  • a three-year plan using live performance to kickstart your music career

Intended for music artists and students, The Live Music Business presents proven live-music career strategies, covering every aspect of putting on a live show, from rehearsing and soundchecks to promotions, marketing, and contracts. In an era when performing live is more essential than ever, this is the go-to guidebook for getting your show on the road and making a living from music.

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