The Manager’s Dilemma: How to Empower Your Team’s Problem-Solving (Performance Development Series)

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Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of issues escalated up to your desk?

Like most managers, you’re a great problem-solver. So what do you do when a team member brings you an issue? Yep, like most managers, automatic reflex kicks in, you dive straight into it and sort the issue out. Which is great for that one issue. But what about the 10s or 100s of other issues that arrive on your desk daily?

You know where this is going, don't you? Lots of interruptions. Frustration. Decision fatigue. Drowning under the weight...Is this inevitable? As a manager, do you have to just put up with this?

No, there is another way. You can signpost how escalated problems should be presented to you. You can diagnose at which problem-solving step your team member is getting stuck at. You can coach your team members and empower them to sort out a chunk of their own issues. You can build their confidence and free them up.

More importantly, free you up!

Based on unique insights gained from working with hundreds of managers, and interweaving theory and real-world scenarios, follow Lisa and her team as you explore:

  • The 3 valid reasons of escalation
  • The steps of problem-solving (there’s more than you think!)
  • How your mindset is contributing to the dynamic and what your options are
  • The 5 most common team member profiles and prompts on how to empower each of them
  • A bonus team profile
  • Guidance on how to introduce this leading-edge approach to your team

Are you ready to start empowering your team and freeing up your time?

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