The Shorter MBA: Two years of business school in one book

This 3rd edition of The Shorter MBA is a unique distillation of two years of business school packaged into one easily accessible, practical book.

A Masters in Business Administration course is an enormous investment in time, effort and money. Most people cannot devote two years of their life to study but the techniques that are taught on an MBA course are invaluable – and they’re all included in this easily digestible book.

Written by two highly successful entrepreneurs who have put their business school knowledge into practice, this book will give you a thorough understanding of everything you need to know to transform your career.

From the basics of personal development to the nuances of management skills, HR, finance, competitive marketing strategies and so much more, this book distils the theory clearly and succinctly.

Use this book to transform your knowledge and use the proven strategies and techniques from leading business schools to be successful in today’s highly competitive and often challenging business environment.

The Shorter MBA is designed for:

  • Busy executives who can’t spare two years to study for an MBA
  • Experienced executives who’d like a refresher course that’s expert and succinct but doesn’t short change them on any of the essentials
  • Those thinking of doing an MBA in the future and wishing to get an impressive grounding in the level of skills and topics involved

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