The TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition – Business Architecture: 0

This document is a compilation of TOGAF Series Guides addressing Business Architecture. It has been developed and approved by The Open Group and is part of the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition. It consists of the following documents: TOGAF® Series Guide: Business Models This document provides a basis for Enterprise Architects to understand and utilize business models, which describe the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value. It covers the concept and purpose of business models and highlights the Business Model Canvas™ technique. TOGAF® Series Guide: Business Capabilities, Version 2 This document answers key questions about what a business capability is, and how it is used to enhance business analysis and planning. It addresses how to provide the architect with a means to create a capability map and align it with other Business Architecture viewpoints in support of business planning processes. TOGAF® Series Guide: Value Streams Value streams are one of the core elements of a Business Architecture. This document provides an architected approach to developing a business value model. It addresses how to identify, define, model, and map a value stream to other key components of an enterprise’s Business Architecture. TOGAF® Series Guide: Information Mapping This document describes how to develop an Information Map that articulates, characterizes, and visually represents information that is critical to the business. It provides architects with a framework to help understand what information matters most to a business before developing or proposing solutions. TOGAF® Series Guide: Organization Mapping This document shows how organization mapping provides the organizational context to an Enterprise Architecture. While capability mapping exposes what a business does and value stream mapping exposes how it delivers value to specific stakeholders, the organization map identifies the business units or third parties that possess or use those capabilities, and which participate in the value streams. TOGAF® Series Guide: Business Scenarios This document describes the Business Scenarios technique, which provides a mechanism to fully understand the requirements of information technology and align it with business needs. It shows how Business Scenarios can be used to develop resonating business requirements and how they support and enable the enterprise to achieve its business objectives.

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