Applied Value Investing: The Practical Application of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett’s Valuation Principles to Acquisitions, Catastrophe Pricing … Execution (PROFESSIONAL FINANCE & INVESTM)

Since Benjamin Graham fathered valueinvesting in the 1930s, the method of analysishas spawned a large number of highly successfulinvestors, such as Graham’s own formerstudent and employee, Warren Buffett, who isregarded as one of the most successful investorsof modern times.

Over the years, numerous books have beenpublished on Benjamin Graham’s approach.Most of these books present different interpretationsof value investing and are generallyintroductory based. Until now, there has notbeen an advanced hands-on guide for investorsand executives who may want to applythe powerful value investing discipline outsideof stocks and bonds.

Applied Value Investing takes the same time-provenapproach Graham introduced withDavid Dodd in their 1934 masterpiece,Security Analysis, and extends it in a variety ofunique and practical ways―including mergersand acquisitions, alternative investments,and financial strategy.

This in-depth guide shows financially sophisticatedreaders how to use value investing in amacroinvesting framework and how to applyit to the emerging area of super catastrophevaluation. It illustrates how to put value investingto use with case studies on:

  • Eddie Lampert’s acquisition of Sears
  • Warren Buffett’s acquisitions of GEICOand General Reinsurance Corporation
  • The recent “new economy” boom andbust, and its aftermath
  • The underwriting of the Pepsi Playfor a Billion sweepstakes

Applied Value Investing also demonstrates howto incorporate the cornerstones of valuationinto an integrated business framework thatcan be used to assess and manage a franchise(or a firm operating with a sustainable competitiveadvantage).

In addition to its cutting-edge applicationsof value investing principles, Applied ValueInvesting sets itself apart by drawing on materialpublished in leading academic journals toform the foundation of its presentation. However,value investing is inherently practical, andthis comprehensive resource provides helpfulguidance for successfully implementing valueinvesting strategies in the real world.

To profit like the masters you have to thinklike them. Applied Value Investing can opennew doors to value creating opportunities.

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