Building Financial Models, Third Edition: The Complete Guide to Designing, Building, and Applying Projection Models (PROFESSIONAL FINANCE & INVESTM)

The go-to-guide for developing effective financial analysis and valuation models―updated with new content and materials
This fully revised edition of Building Financial Models builds on the elements that have made it renowned  in the field of financial modeling, including how to develop a sound conceptual understanding of accounting for modeling and how to apply the tools at hand, which are the two key attributes for producing effective and easy-to-use models. A classic in how-to books for designing and building financial models for use in a wide variety of finance roles, this edition includes:
* The latest Microsoft Excel shortcuts, functions, and modeling techniques* A full chapter on accounting that takes the mystery out of the subject for modeling work* Expert methods for building models that are easy to understand and superbly fit to the task* New additional materials on valuation analysis and sections on scenarios and sensitivity analysis through the use of Data Tables
Supported by all-new exercise files from the companion website, this comprehensive guide takes you step by step through the entire process of developing a projection model, starting with a basic pilot model with each chapter introducing additional concepts and features. By the end, you will produce―through your own hands-on participation--a fully functional and dynamic integrated financial statement projection and valuation model.
With Building Financial Models, Third Edition, you have everything you need to boost your financial modeling expertise.

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