Entrepreneurial Finance

Financial literacy is one of the fundamental keys to business success, and this ground-breaking textbook teaches students the necessary financial skills required by entrepreneurs.

Presenting an abundance of case studies and examples throughout, the book uses a step-by-step approach which will develop the reader's knowledge of the three key financial statements: profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow. It explains the various considerations for raising capital: the requirements of banks, business angels, crowdfunding platforms, and venture capitalists, along with details and pitfalls of term sheets. Finally, it suggests ways of using accounting data to create a financially intelligent business and achieve business success. The authors’ impressive background as successful entrepreneurs and business angels underscores the highly practical and useful coverage offered, whilst Simon Hulme’s teaching experience tailors it to fit student needs perfectly.

Entrepreneurial Finance is a refreshingly easy-to-grasp introduction, especially suitable for those who find this topic daunting. Visually appealing and engagingly written, this book, together with its range of bespoke digital resources, succeeds in breaking down complex concepts and communicating them with clarity. The ideal resource for university students taking entrepreneurship and business courses, it will also be valuable for entrepreneurs who wish to scale their business, as well as managers seeking to consolidate their understanding of entrepreneurial finance.

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