ETF Investment Strategies: Best Practices from Leading Experts on Constructing a Winning ETF Portfolio (PROFESSIONAL FINANCE & INVESTM)

ETF experts share their insights for growing wealth from this booming market

Whether you manage your own assets or help others reach their fi nancial goals, ETF Investment Strategies will help you securely grow wealth in the new economy.In this groundbreaking book, ETF authority Aniket Ullal lets you look over the shoulders of 10 top ETF investors to learn their processes and strategies. Through illustrative case studies, you learn the basics of ETFs: how they work, why they're growing in popularity, and how you can use them effectively in your portfolio. These innovative, early adopters prepare you with everything you need to improve your investments, including never-before-published insights. Whether you're new to ETFs or new to trading, this book will make you an informed investor who can:

Construct ETF-based investment portfolios to achieve your financial goals

Leverage the range of ETF products available to get improved outcomes

Avoid costly fees and taxes that cut into your returns

ETFs have revolutionized the investment industry, and with the reliable, objective guidance in ETF Investment Strategies, they can alter your expectations for what a portfolio can do.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been around for two decades, but, in the last five years, the market has grown rapidly. This growth has been driven by savvy investorswho want diversified, tradable access to asset classes such as emerging market bonds, commodities, and volatility that were previously difficult and expensive to access.

ETF Investment Strategies is a how-to gem that offers an insider's look at the investment practices of leading ETF portfolio managers.

ETF expert Aniket Ullal goes in-depth with 10 global ETF leaders--the pros who have traded many of these products since their launch--and presents the most comprehensive, accessible guide available for constructing and maintaining ETF portfolios. These early adopters sharetheir investment approaches and their practical insights on ETF-based portfolio construction, and they explain how you can use this knowledge to be a more successful investor. ETF Investment Strategies strips away the complexity of ETFs and enables you to:

  • Develop your ETF investment strategy by applying expert best practices and understanding key concepts
  • Navigate the top three megatrends in the industry, including the emergence of a "tradable beta" mindset, the proliferation of targeted ETFs, and the shift from commissions to fee-based advice
  • Develop confidence in the techniques and knowledge you acquire because they are unbiased and do not promoteany investment product or firm

This hands-on guide balances the right amount of theory with actionable advice, and it gives you an advantage by providing a unique view into tricky ETF nuances, including product structure, taxation, and index methodology, that can have unexpected and signifi cant implicationsfor your portfolio returns. Keep this book at your side while you analyze and trade ETFs. Its conveniently organized final chapters consolidate best practices and product insights for quick reference.

ETFs are the fastest-growing investment innovation in the world, and now you can use them to manage your wealth just like the pros do, with ETF Investment Strategies.


"This is a useful and practical book on a topic of growing importance. Aniket Ullal has marshaled a group of authors, including himself, who are practicing experts in the field. This is a must-read and also a sourcebook of useful information related to the ETF market." -- H. Gifford Fong, Editor, Journal of Investment Management (JOIM)

"ETF Investment Strategies highlights funds and investment strategies fueling the ETF revolution. The book delivers a fascinating look inside the way ETFs are being used by leading wealth managers today. If you are interested in a rewarding blend of practical ETF applications and education, this book is for you." -- Christian Magoon, Founder and CEO, YieldShares

"I believe ETF Investment Strategies is essential reading for investors and financial advisors who want to take advantage of all the benefits ETFs offer. This book delivers on a few different levels. It provides important technical details--like the differences between ETFs, ETNs, and other fund structures--but then illuminates this information with easy-to-follow case studies that show you how to use this knowledge. This is the perfect book for someone who has never used ETFs but wants to, or who now invests with ETFs but wants to do it better." -- Reid Steadman, Global Head of ETF Licensing, S&P Dow Jones Indices

"As a true master of the subject, Aniket simplifies the seemingly complex world of ETF investing to both Main Street investor and financial professional alike. He dispels the ‘old ways’ of investing and logically lays before the reader the reasons investors should be using ETFs versus traditional investment vehicles such as mutual funds or individual stocks and bonds. Every investor would be well served to follow the advice offered in ETF Investment Strategies." -- Damon M. Deru, CEO, TradeWarrior, Inc.

"A terrific read. Talk about a thorough introduction to investing in ETFs. Aniket is a tour guide for the essentials of the subject…The book treats all its subjects in plain English, illustrating them with examples of real-life practitioners and, unlike many other primers on this subject, keeping the jargon to a minimum… The book will help financial professionals get a better grasp of ETFs, and it will help self-directed independent investors ensure they get the most of the surging number of investing tools at their disposal." -- Brendan Conway,ETF editor, columnist, and blogger, Barron's

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