Marketing Warfare: 20th Anniversary Edition: Authors’ Annotated Edition (BUSINESS BOOKS)

It rocked the marketing world in 1986, and now, nearly two decades later, the strategies set down in Marketing Warfare are still just as relevant. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the classic book that changed an industry, marketing mavens Al Ries and Jack Trout will reunite to annotate their book for another generation of marketers. The Anniversary Edition offers:

• A fresh perspective on why waging marketing warfare is even more important today than 20 years ago
• In-depth analyses of some of the biggest marketing successes and failures of the last two decades
• Reproductions of successful (or not so successful) ads, accompanied by the authors’ comments on why they succeeded or failed
• Valuable follow-up to the original edition. Where are these companies now? Who’s still a market leader?

Marketing is war. To triumph over the competition, it’s not enough to target customers. Marketers must take aim at their competitors―and be prepared to defend their own turf. This indispensable guide gives smart fighters the best tactics―defensive, offensive, flanking, and guerrilla. Marketing Warfare is the book that wrote the new rules.

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