PRIVATE SECTOR BY HEAD PUBLIC SECTOR BY HEART – Full of guidance and observations from experienced commercial and procurement professionals

Private Sector by Head, Public Sector by Heart is an engaging, exciting, entertaining procurement book full of guidance and observations from experienced commercial and procurement professionals.

Since Covid-19 exploded upon us, it has changed how we buy goods, services and works, as well as how the supply chain is viewed. Globally, public sector procurement has been at the forefront of the Covid-19 response, which makes this book even more insightful and imperative.

In the world of accountancy, two plus two has always been four, and always will be, whereas the way the ‘four’ is spent will depend upon volatile market forces and is dynamic by its very nature. That is why commercial activity and procurement are both exciting and the only elements that executives have any real power to change. Properly developed commercial acumen goes far beyond mere numbers and balance sheets. It seeks to ensure outcomes that deliver the most benefit to all aspects of the business.

This book is not a textbook about procurement; instead, it is a handrail, full of insight from experienced commercial professionals with a passion for sharing their learning. While some chapters focus on topics that will be most relevant to procurement professionals, most chapters examine a topic from multiple viewpoints, encouraging readers to consider procurement from the view of Chief Executive, internal customer, contract manager and the ultimate contract beneficiary.

Because markets are constantly shifting, this book introduces topics that are ever-present in a changing environment and points to the latest evolving thinking on them.

If you rely on the provision of any goods, works or services, either to complete your role or provide a service to your customers, this is the book for you.

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