Renewable Energy Finance: Funding The Future Of Energy (Second Edition)

Foreword by Lord Browne of MadingleyReviews of the First Edition:'The entire text is quite readable and can be moved through with relative ease. This reviewer heartily recommends that, regardless of your background, you read this book to really get a grasp of the cutting-edge of climate finance.'LSE Review of BooksRenewable Energy Finance (Second Edition) describes in rich detail current best practices and evolving trends in clean energy investing. With contributions by some of the world's leading experts in energy finance, the book documents how investors are spending over $300 billion each year on financing renewable energy and positioning themselves in a growing global investment market. This second edition documents, with practical examples, the ways in which investors have funded over $2.6 trillion in solar, wind, and other renewable energy projects over the past decade. The book will be a go-to reference manual for understanding the factors that shape risk and return in renewable energy, the world's fastest growing industrial sector. The book is suitable for executives new to the field, as well as advanced business students.Edited by Dr Charles Donovan, Principal Teaching Fellow at Imperial College Business School and formerly Head of Structuring and Valuation for Global Power at BP, the book will give readers a unique insiders' perspective on how renewable energy deals actually get done.

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